The Future is Built on Blockchain

The Future is Built on Blockchain

We are in the early stages of a peaceful revolution — yet few are aware of it. People around the world are beginning to lose trust in their banks and the institutions that govern them. Governments continue to overspend — forcing central banks to irresponsibly print more and more money to fund their obligations. This is devaluing peoples’ hard earned savings, pushing up asset prices to levels that are unattainable for anyone but the rich to afford - greatly increasing wealth inequality. Inflationary policies (like printing money) overwhelmingly benefits those closest to the source of money creation and harms the people furthest from the source. People like us. We have seen time and time again that the promises being made have not been upheld - but we know that the politically well-connected few have continued to benefit.

The invention of blockchain technology is important because it gives us a powerful computing platform with new capabilities that were never possible before. For the first time, we have the ability to transfer value (money, financial assets, identity, property rights) to anyone in the world without the need for a “trusted” third-party. We can now move money as easily as we move information — to anyone, anywhere, at any time, with nothing more than a basic smartphone. A better form of money — one that’s native to the internet with a known supply and a transparent monetary policy that cannot be easily changed. We can now empower developers from every country on earth to crowdfund and build businesses that solve real problems for their communities. Because, for the first time ever, they can access a global supercomputer called the blockchain that cannot be censored nor requires anyone’s permission to access. And finally, we have the freedom of choice. To choose whether we want to opt-out of the archaic system we’re currently in and into a new one that brings more economic freedom, equality, and prosperity to our society.

We will look back on this time in history as being one of the greatest wealth creation opportunities of our lifetime. The big players, like Wall Street, Silicon Valley, University Endowments, and Sovereign Wealth funds have started investing at unprecedented levels because they realize what’s happening…Adapt and prosper or fall to irrelevance. The majority of the economic value that’s created over the coming years will be captured by the entrepreneurs who move fast, hire the best developers, and build their products on the most secure public blockchains.

The best time to build your blockchain app was 6 years ago. The next best time is now. It’s still early. Are you ready?

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Jesse Anglen, Co-Founder and CEO Rapid Innovation
Jesse Anglen
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