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Discover a dynamic force driving AI and blockchain evolution. Rapid Innovation stands as a prominent industry leader, excelling in Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology. With a dedicated focus on pivotal sectors like DeFi, NFTs, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Data Analytics, Predictive Modeling, Blockchain Gaming, and the Metaverse, we curate cutting-edge solutions. Our expertise spans software development, igniting innovation across AI, blockchain, and transformative Web3 technologies. Join us in shaping the future.

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We Specialize in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (AI/ML), Gaming, Software development and the entire Web3 Space. Our purpose revolves around aiding businesses in creating bespoke, avant-garde solutions that propel human progress. While we provide an array of offerings, the following are some of our prominent solutions to consider:

Generative AI Development

MVP Development

Smart Contracts

Blockchain Consulting/Development

AI Consulting/Development


App Upgrades

Software Consulting/Development

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We've established partnerships with leading technology and infrastructure providers to drive cost-efficiency and productivity. These collaborations help us craft solutions that tackle intricate business challenges, eliminate regulatory hurdles, and foster business growth.

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AI and Blockchain are revolutionary new technologies that are transforming industries around the world. Due to their novelty and complexity, it's not easy to find experienced developers who can build high-quality products quickly, for a fair price. That's what we strive for. 


We are a highly experienced blockchain and AI development team that only takes on a few select, high-quality projects at a time. We walk every one of our clients through our 7-step process to get from concept to launch. Our 7 Step Process ensures the result you want is achieved predictably, efficiently and with quality. 


We believe that we can help companies enable economic freedom and independence through blockchain and AI technology. Our core team has worked side-by-side with some of the biggest names and brands in the industry - having played a key role in building over 100 applications that are still used today. Each team member is dedicated to results, not time on the clock.

Our Vision

"Upgrading the User Experience of Humanity Through Web3 Innovation"
We envision a world transformed by our expertise in the four pillars of Web3 – blockchain, AI/ML, AR/VR, and IoT. As a global leader in these domains, we are dedicated to empowering innovators and creating groundbreaking solutions that enhance the user experience, promote autonomy, freedom, and facilitate seamless connectivity for people all around the globe. By providing the tools and resources necessary for innovation, we aim to help unleash the full potential of the Web3 ecosystem.

Our Mission

Dedicated to harnessing the power of the four pillars of Web3, our mission is to build innovative products and services that accelerate global adoption, enhance digital experiences, and empower individuals and businesses to thrive in a connected world.

Leadership Team

Focused on harnessing the strengths of Web3's foundational principles, we're on a quest to innovate. Our objective is to expedite the global embrace, elevate digital engagements, and empower individuals and enterprises to flourish in an interconnected ecosystem.

Jesse Anglen


Jesse has more than a decade of experience in empowering entrepreneurs in the startup arena. He has been a guiding force for entrepreneurs within the startup landscape. His unwavering commitment has revolved around software development within the dynamic realm of blockchain technology.

Tyson Faulkner


A Seasoned Entrepreneur with Over 20 Years in Steering Service-Centric Ventures. Meet Tyson, a visionary entrepreneur who boasts a remarkable track record in steering service-oriented enterprises. His forte lies in streamlining complex processes and architecting automated systems.

Prasanjit Dey


Meet our visionary technocrat and serial entrepreneur, a trailblazer in crafting cutting-edge blockchain and AI-powered mobile and web applications. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, he's dedicated to helping businesses bring their dream projects to life.


Scott Brown

Jesse is a fantastic individual to work with. Transparent, flexible, with a clear understanding of what it takes to get a project off the ground in the crypto space. You will also find yourself dealing with an OG crypto soul, who has seen all there is to see as the blockchain and cryptocurrency space has evolved. It is very important to call out, working with Jesse does not come with the standard transiency and unreliability normally found inside crypto dev shops. If you need a solid team, organization, and professionalism.. you are in good hands.

Adryenn Ashley

“Genius blockchain developers with a knack for finding the most cost effective elegant solutions. They build bulletproof apps and it's a joy to work with them. Next time you want to build something awesome, talk to Jesse and his team.”

Jason Kemp

“I recommend Rapid Innovation highly and without hesitation. They are first and foremost highly capable and consistently performant. Rapid Innovation continually strives to add value above beyond the scope of our agreed service provision which adds even more value to my project and exceeds my expectations. Thank you and much appreciated!”

Chuck Williams

Rapid Innovation has demonstrated an end-user goal commitment to deliver that is rare in the Software Development industry. They have a rich understanding of technology, blockchain, and interaction development. The options presented whenever we discovered challenges were consistently reasonable, and appropriate for the resources, timelines, and goals. I personally count Jesse and his team among fewer than 7 individuals in my 25-year career that I would dream of having on my own dream-team.

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