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Exo Fi


Exo Fi is a next generation of DeFi cross-chain swap infrastructure, a community-oriented project changing the way cryptocurrency is traded and providing previously unseen levels of control and flexibility in the hands of investors and projects.

Planet Finance


The best DeFi apps all in one place at the apex of high yields and low risk - starting with the most optimized stable coin aggregator in crypto.

Equa is your single source for equity and digital asset management. Manage all of your organization's needs on one platform. Digitally, securely, and efficiently! Cap table management, incentive plans, issuance and complaince features plus more!

3D Room Space


3D Room Space is a blockchain-based social rental platform that connects roommates, renters and landlords Quickly, safely, and easily.

Wall Street Bets


WSB DApp solves the fees and market manipulation problem that have solely benefited centralized financial institutions for the past 100 Years.

Royale utilizes is a DeFi dapp that uses cross-chain liquidity pools to bankroll iGaming startups, creating a new industry niche, IGDeFi.

Quest Crypto


Quest Crypto is your crypto gateway to real-estate ownership. Quest empowers people to take back their financial health through real-estate secured crypto.

Arkius is a platform that is radically reimagining the structure of the internet to be more fair and humanistic.

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