Rapid Innovation is Proud to Partner with ConsenSys

Rapid Innovation is Proud to Partner with ConsenSys

Rapid Innovation takes extreme pride in announcing its acceptance into the ConsenSys Partner Program. ConsenSys is one of the best blockchain companies in the industry. The platform helps its users build top-notch Ethereum blockchain infrastructure and apps. As a result, the ConsenSys software expertly provides numerous developer tools and enterprise solutions.Our team at Rapid Innovation is elated about working alongside ConsenSys in its Partner Program. This program implies access to unique features and opportunities via ConsenSys’ blockchain products. One of these products, the Independent Software Providers (ISVs), consists of a generous APIs set and integration points that assist app and tool builders. Besides, the ConsenSys Partner Program includes custom benefits for consulting firms and system integrators. That’s not all.Apart from access to ConsenSys tools and products, we’re honored that they’ll recommend us to companies and entrepreneurs looking to build dapps on Ethereum. That unique opportunity was offered because Rapid Innovation uses the tools they provide in their portal.

Many well-known businesses are already in the ConsenSys Partner Program, so Rapid Innovation will be in a stellar company

The ConsenSys Partner Program includes tech giants like Microsoft, Hitachi Solutions, and Cambridge Consultants. Blockchain software companies worldwide choose to work with ConsenSys because it improves efficiency, security, and team management. Ultimately, the partnership is exciting for us but we’re most excited about what it means for our clients.

Integration opportunities for technology partners and ISVs

The APIs and integration points provided through the ConsenSys platform streamline the work of blockchain builders. That’s exciting because we, Rapid Innovation, will be able to create even better products for our clients.ConsenSys Product Integration Areas include:

Quroum: Quorum Go and Besu (Java)

Codefi: Assets, Workflow, and Payments

Infura: Ethereum and IPFS

Metamask: Snaps

Diligence: Diligence APIs

Truffle: IDE, Ganache, and Teams

Consensys Product Suite

Free product testing and training

Free product testing and training will run Rapid Innovation’s solutions smoothly because we have access to ConsenSys products, including Quorum and Codefi.ConsenSys Quorum allows companies better tools to use Ethereum in their blockchain apps. As such, the Quorum open-source protocol layer is easy to integrate along with other modules.We appreciate that these modules don’t necessarily have to come from ConsenSys, although they often do. That means we can use products from our in-house development team or partner with third parties. This increased versatility and flexibility ultimately help us at Rapid Innovation to build better-performing, personalized apps for our clients.ConsenSys Codefi targets commerce and finance companies. The products included in this category aim to improve business-related actions and increase the digitization of financial instruments. Additionally, companies can leverage ConsenSys’ ready-made blockchain solutions.Benefits include access to increased liquidity and a larger pool of investors. Simultaneously, ConsenSys Codefi decreases costs and facilitates global transactions thanks to its financial products, such as tokenized assets.Launching decentralized networks with Codefi which is another benefit that enables faster growth and more privacy. ConsenSys assists its partners through:

  • Network launches
  • Protocol management
  • Access to token holder communities
  • Multiple staking services

New Customers

Partnering with ConsenSys allows us to get involved in new projects and help more companies. Our passion is assisting emerging companies in building proficient blockchain apps so that they can deliver on the service or product they see a demand for. Our promise to our clients is to launch within 90 days or less.Entrepreneurs worldwide can use software and our team to bring their exciting ideas to life. With Rapid Innovation and ConsenSys, your app will leverage customer insights, thus efficiently solving their needs and making your service improve over time.Rapid Innovation can take its customers from concept to launch more efficiently and productively than ever before.New tools and products from ConsenSys will streamline our blockchain app production. Meaning, the applications that our clients envision can become a reality without any technical knowledge requirements on their part.

Other Opportunities

Rapid Innovation is thrilled about ConsenSys’ flexibility and opportunities, including:

- Reselling ConsenSys products allows us to help our clients and partners more efficiently with personalized blockchain solutions.

- Early adoption privileges provide us with first access to high-tech releases that streamline our platform and help us provide the very best to our customers. Working alongside ConsenSys development teams gives us the opportunity to voice our clients’ needs and, thus, ensure optimized product creation that solves those needs.

- Receiving constant support will help us create more value for our clients. Our team will get a boost from ConsenSys in sales and marketing assistance, product support, and technical integration. As such, we will create more efficient blockchain solutions, growing alongside ConsenSys and our other partner companies.

The partnership between Rapid Innovation and ConsenSys opens up new opportunities for all of us.

Our two platforms share the same dedication to our clients and the integrity that blockchain technology adoption brings. Our activities are based on a common vision of empowering startups with accessible, user-friendly solutions. This partnership will help Rapid Innovation achieve its full potential and also become incredibly beneficial for our customers. ConsenSys is committed to assisting Rapid Innovation with ultra-performing blockchain products that streamline activity and performance. We are grateful for ConsenSys’ full support from the early implementing phases and throughout our collaboration. We’re excited to combine our knowledge, experience, and resources to help our communities. Using ConsenSys’ tools, Rapid Innovation offers foolproof, customized assistance from the planning and design stage to building and testing our customers’ blockchain apps.

We’re on a mission to offer innovative upgrades and access to new releases ahead of the market. As our client, that also means you’ll be ahead of the market! Stay tuned for exciting updates as this relationship is just beginning. We’re so glad you’re here for the start of it.

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