Blockchain and AI Integration- The Perfect Match!

Blockchain and AI Integration- The Perfect Match!

Blockchain and AI are some of the most influential present-day technologies. From finances to healthcare, the combination is transforming businesses and society. Blockchain is a ledger-based data storage system. On the other hand, AI technology is the simulation of the human mind to upgrade the machine to human interaction. How can these seemingly contrasting technologies be integrated at all?  What will be the outcome of this integration? AI and Blockchain are different worlds altogether. However, together, they can grow into a unique combination where these disruptive technologies will open the possibility of a unique confluence of data automation of AI/ML and data security of Blockchain.

AI and Blockchain services can change the face of businesses today. Let’s explore how this powerful combination will impact the future.

What is the Integration of AI and Blockchain?

“The unique possibility of filling each other’s gap.”

Integration of AI and Blockchain is a distinctive amalgamation where there are no demerits. Why? Individually they share complementary demerits which can fill each other's gap with their respective merit. In simple words, for instance, blockchain has limitations: scalability, storage capacity, and efficiency. On the other hand, AI has issues like data privacy and security. One of the crucial advantages of blockchain is the decentralization of data to promote a secure network. The main advantage of AI is data storage to assist better decision-making. Clearly, they both complement each other for the best. “The perfect techno match!"

Importance of AI and Blockchain Integration

Importance of AI and Blockchain Integration

“Better Together!”

It goes without saying that Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence have a unique role in enhancing each other. To explore in depth:

The Role of AI/ML in Blockchain Development : Blockchain storage can become more accessible by improving AI performance. The latter helps in automating processes of the shared network. This reduces the demand for human labor in the mechanical aspects. Henceforth, people can focus on the interpersonal and creative elements of the task.Thus, the highly innovative combination of AI and Blockchain is a pathway to creativity through technology.From corporate giants to small businesses, from government initiatives to households, human behavior has dramatically transformed digitally. Most of the tasks are automated because bulks of data are stored online today.This automation makes it even more important to have a better storage, accessible and reliable platform.The confluence of AI and Blockchain will yield1.1. data privacy1.2. cyber security1.3. reliable connectivity.

The Role of Blockchain in AI : If observed closely, today, there is a massive rise in sensing systems/devices like IoT, mobile or web applications, and social media. Fundamentally, these systems are based on data comprehension, which gave rise to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning techniques. The majority of AI/ML is centralized to make informed decisions. But, centralization leads to2.1. data tempering2.2. manipulation2.3 hacking. It has given rise to cyber threats as well. Also, sensitive data cannot be traded with such vulnerabilities in the long run. Moreover, the authenticity of the data source is another question. It may or may not be from a trusted party, which can result in erroneous outcomes and security issues. Blockchain can provide the perfect ecosystem to combat these issues. AI/ML works best with data sharing. Blockchain technology dispenses a distributed ledger-based database that promotes decentralization of the information (meaning no single authority can control the data). It works on a peer-to-peer sharing model. So, if there is any external intervention, the change will only happen with the permission of everyone in the network, thereby ensuring transparency and security. Therefore, one of the new developments in AI is the integration of Blockchain which will give rise to decentralized AI.

AI+Blockchain = Decentralized AI

Features of AI and Blockchain Collaboration

Features of AI and Blockchain Collaboration

AI and Blockchain Innovation- Use Cases

The dynamic combination of AI and Blockchain integration is expected to transform the face of the industry today. The key use cases include:

AI/ML Blockchain in Healthcare : The AI/ML Blockchain convergence will add progressive value to the healthcare and biomedical research industry through simplified data acquisition. The confluence will assist in AI-moderated healthcare data sharing over the blockchain. It would assist in1.1. accessing the records,1.2. tracking medical information,1.3. easy payments,1.4. digital access to prescriptions and reports,1.5. assist in analyzing patients’ medical history, stress levels, and atmosphere. According to research, there is an increasing demand for elder care professionals today, but the numbers are low. In the future, socially assistive robots may take up this role and fill the gap. These robots can identify the illness’s nature (based on data records) and provide the relevant assistants as needed by the patients.

AI/ML Blockchain in Farm : Decentralized AI is a powerful tool to assist optimization.  IoT sensors are capable of monitoring the nutrient levels of the soil. These sensors regularly assess the growth of the crops by capturing their images. With predictive analysis, AI agents augment IoT devices to gauge the agro-supply chain. It also helps farmers to monitor crop health according to the weather conditions and history of the land. Blockchain lays the foundation for IoT and AI/ML to work smoothly by allowing data sharing amongst everyone connected in the network. The decentralization empowers the farms and stakeholders to take well-informed decisions collectively. They can optimize their judgments based on weather conditions, pests, soil quality, and crop health on a real-time basis.

AI/ML Blockchain Evolution in Supply Chain : The supply chain includes the transaction of goods and services from the supplier/seller. Obviously, these are highly intricate processes that involve confidential data records. Traditionally, the supply chain involves heavy paperwork and documentation related to order history, customer records, payment details, distribution records, etc. Thanks to AI/ML and Blockchain, which helps in the digitization of paper records. Thus, it makes the data reliable, accessible, and shareable. The chances of fraudulent interventions are reduced dramatically with the usage of blockchain. Apart from the above-listed use cases, almost every industry is redefining its ways by adopting Web3 solutions. For example, the banking sector is actively testing blockchain implementation to catalyze their process because of easy data distribution, connectivity, digital security, decentralization, and low-cost operation.

Impact of AI and Blockchain on Business Today

According to a recent PWC Report, AI will boost the GDP by up to 26% (up to $15.7 trillion) for local economies by 2030. This is likely to happen because AI is dramatically increasing the productivity of organizations by ensuring accuracy and automation leading to the fastening of the processes. Another report reflected how Blockchain would contribute to $1,431.54 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 85.9% by 2030 (counting from 2022).Undeniably, as automation, digitization has found its soft spot in almost every industry today. No wonder AI and Blockchain are growing at such a rapid rate. More and more AI service companies and Blockchain services companies are entering the market today. In the future, it’s expected that both these disruptive technologies will be seen working hand in hand. Are you excited to see that shift?

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