All About GPT-4 Launch | Uses, Features, Availability, Early Adopters and More!

All About GPT-4 Launch | Uses, Features, Availability, Early Adopters and More!

“Turning You Into A Superhuman”

The trending subjects of present times are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. And the discussion goes incomplete without the mention of ChatGPT and its ever-evolving versions. Though most of us were hardly harnessing the capabilities of GPT-3.5, OpenAI recently launched GPT-4, and this version is overwhelming the internet once again! It empowered us all with superhuman capabilities to become productive and efficient like never imagined before. OpenAI has spent six months creating this version which promises 40% more accuracy than its previous versions. GPT-4 is much safer as it is 82% more unlikely to respond to any malicious request. The emergence of conversational AI marks the new era of the century. On one hand, Apple and Microsoft brought in the transformation in the industries. On the other hand, conversational AI is disrupting the old ways of working styles with the potential to transform white-collar jobs. And GPT-4 is leading the way.This version is helping people create websites, develop more advanced copy, and even create video games. Additionally, it is multilingual and is trained in 26 languages. There is a lot more in the store. In this article, we will explore the length and breadth of this “new launch”. We’ll examine GPT-4 applications, use cases, availability, future predictions, and more.

What is GPT-4?

OpenAI has recently introduced the latest version of Generative Pre-trained Transformer, GPT-4. This is more advanced, safer, and more accurate as compared to the existing versions like GPT-3 and GPT-3.5. It exhibits ‘human-like’ comprehension in various real-life scenarios and even academic capabilities. This latest milestone of GPT-4 has evolved by expanding deep learning. It is trained on Microsoft Azure AI supercomputers. GPT-4 not only produces intelligent text responses but is also multimodal, which implies that it can comprehend images as well. This version stood out in academic competence as well. ChatGPT also cracked some of the standardized examinations. However, version 4 cleared the same examination, and that too with high ranks (up to 80 to 90 percentile).On the surface, the difference between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 may seem very minimal. However, when the complexity of your input and resulting desired output increases, that is where you’d observe that GPT-4  is far more capable than the former versions. Let’s explore these differences in detail.

How GPT-4 is different from ChatGPT | 3 Defining Parameters

The GPT-4 has evolved manifolds compared to its older versions GPT-3 or GPT-3.5. It not only comprehends and produces written texts, but has outgrown in terms of innovation and visual comprehension. Here are three defining parameters where this latest version has exhibited remarkable improvements:

Creativity : This version is far more collaborative, updated, and creative. According to OpenAI, the GPT-4 can generate, edit, and iterate with users on creative/technical writing tasks such as composing songs and writing screenplays. This version can also adapt to an individual’s unique writing style.

Multimodal : “This AI can see!”. This is one of the most crucial features of the latest version. GPT-4 can interpret images and provide detailed captions, analysis, and more. Check it out.


Longer Context

Longer Context Graph GPT4

This version can handle up to 25,000 words. Thus GPT-4 allows extended conversations, content creation, and analysis. Additionally, it is 40% more accurate than GPT-3.5. This version surpasses other language models in its English proficiency. It can produce finer results with diverse tonality, unlike its former versions that generated monotonous responses.

Top Use Cases Of GPT-4 | Expand Your Business With Efficient Solutions

Top Use Cases Of GPT-4

This capable AI can empower you with superhuman productivity. So, here are the top six applications of GPT-4:

Build Websites Using GPT-4 : You can turn a sketch into a website using GPT-4. In a demo video, an OpenAI expert depicted how this new-age generative AI can code to develop a website from a sketch. All you have to do is, write the instructions on a piece of paper. After that, upload it to GPT-4. Add a precise prompt, and the AI will produce the code for your website (it can be in CSS, Java, HTML, etc.).Your website is ready.

Create Video Games With GPT-4 : You read that right! Game development involves intricate processes and complex codes. There are various components of a game. It includes graphics, sounds, character building, and more. This version of the General Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT) is capable of building games as well. Some of the popular game adopters are Nintendo and Aurora by Starfall Studios.

Enhanced Learning Experience : While ChatGPT impressed us by clearing standard entrance examinations, GPT-4, to our amazement, has already surpassed the veteran generative AI version by qualifying for some of the standardized global examinations with flying colors. Here are some of the results of the standard examinations:-

Enhanced Learning Experience

Click Here to view the complete list. Thus, you can utilize this AI to learn various concepts. For instance, you can ask it to become an English teacher and explain a particular concept. In no time, it will offer a detailed explanation.

Chrome Extensions : You can build Chrome extensions using the GPT-4. All you need to do is, add your prompt and ensure that it is detailed. Add your aspirations as to how it would look, the theme, and the capabilities of the expected extension.This AI will explain the stepwise procedure involved in building Chrome extensions along with the code involved.

Contextual Image Interpretation : Though not fully capable as humans, GPT-4 is showcasing similar skills in the areas it specializes in. This chatbot not only chats with you but also comprehends images for you. It can provide detailed information about the picture you have given as input. OpenAI recently showed an example:User: What is funny about this image? Describe panel to panel.

Contextual Image Interpretation


Content Creation and Blogging : If you remember, ChatGPT only produced short texts up to 200 to 300 words and the tone was relatively monotonous.  GPT-4 has a much more significant contextual capacity of up to 25000 words making it a much more valuable tool for content creation. Additionally, it produces adaptive responses. This means, GPT-4 is better at reasoning and generates natural responses with diverse tonality and emotional quotient according to your expectations. The blend of factual accuracy and a longer form of content makes GPT-4 the ultimate guide for writers, ideators, and entrepreneurs to create bulk content creatively.

What is ChatGPTPlus | Your Doorway to GPT-4?

Your Doorway to GPT-4

While you could access ChatGPT for free, you have to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus to access GPT-4. ChatGPT Plus is a paid subscription model that costs $ 20/month.GPT-4 is the upgraded version that has surpassed the free versions based on its efficiency, accuracy, reliability, and functions.

Benefits for Subscribers: A Comparison Chart

Benefits for Subscribers: A Comparison Chart

So if you wish to access the GPT-4 version, you can subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. Here is how:

GPT-4 Version Introducing CharGPT

- Visit OpenAI website. Click on ‘Try ChatGPT

- Click on ‘Upgrade to Plus’.

- Click on ‘Upgrade Plan’.

- You will be directed to the payment gateway.

You can now access ChatGPT Plus.

How can API developers access GPT-4?

If you are an API developer, you can access GPT-4 by joining the waitlist. OpenAI has defined some parameters to prioritize the developers. It includes the following conditions:

API Waitlist : Another way is to join the API waitlist. GPT-4 is available for the developers to build applications and launch services with a primary plan to: create a new product; integrate it into an existing product; general exploration of the GPT-4; and academic research. You can fill out this form to join the waitlist. 1.1. Developer Prioritization- OpenAI shared that due to the gradual turnout of the GPT-4, they are prioritizing the developers as follows:1.1.1. Developers who contribute exceptional model evaluations to OpenAIEvals. 1.1.2. The requests are being processed for the 8K and 32K engines (at different rates).1.1.3. Thus, the developers may receive requests at different times.

Research Access Program : This program is specifically designed to support researchers studying the impact of AI on society, including responsible deployment of AI and associated risk mitigation. 2.1. Priorities will be given as per the research policy.2.2. Early-stage researchers from supported countries by OpenAI’s API.2.3. Those who wish to subsidize work from researchers with  financial or institutional restrictions. 2.4. To apply, click here.

Are there any limitations to this “Superhuman Capabilities AI”

While GPT-4 has outshined the respective AI tools in the market with its tremendous potential, it has unknown limitations. According to OpenAI (as they are working on enhancing), the following are some challenges:

- Social Biases

- Adversarial Prompts

- Hallucinations

They are working on curbing these challenges by refining the GPT-4 to facilitate education, AI literacy, and transparency.

GPT-4 Enhancing Capabilities- From Wealth Management, Visual Aid, Free Education to Iceland Government | Top 6 Early Adopters

In no time, this “one of a kind” generative AI has enormous attention for its superhuman capabilities. Since it can enhance one’s productivity extraordinarily, various early adopters incorporated the technology as soon as it launched:

1. Be My Eyes : This Danish startup caters to a community of 250 million people who have low vision or are blind. Be My Eyes acts as a medium to connect volunteers with people who need a visual aid so that the latter can get assistance in daily chores.With the enhanced feature of GPT-4 powered with visual input capability, Be My Eyes is developing a virtual volunteer for its app to generate the same contextual understanding as a human volunteer would do.

2. Duolingo- Enhancing the Conversations with GPT-4 : This platform caters to up to 50 million users by offering to support 40 languages for 100+ courses. The principal product manager at Duolingo, ”We had been using it for personalizing lessons and running Duolingo English Tests. But there were gaps in a learner’s journey that we wanted to fill: conversation practice, and contextual feedback on mistakes.”

3. Wealth Management with Morgan Stanley : This organization was an early adopter of GPT-3, as well, and now GPT-4. The latter will be used to create an internal-facing chatbot that can do detailed research on Wealth management content. Jeff McMillan, Head of Analytics, Data & Innovation at Morgan Stanley, is leading the way in the incorporation of GPT-4, and says, “You essentially have the knowledge of the most knowledgeable person in Wealth Management—instantly.”

4. Khan Academy : AI-integrated education is a living reality now. Khan Academy is a nonprofit that provides free education for anyone across the globe. They offer education on multiple subjects for students of all ages. Khanmigo is an AI-powered assistant that plays the role of both a virtual assistant and a classroom assistant for teachers. “We think GPT-4 is opening up new frontiers in education. A lot of people have dreamed about this kind of technology for a long time. It’s transformative and we plan to proceed responsibly with testing to explore if it can be used effectively for learning and teaching.”, Kristen DiCerbo, Chief Learning Officer, Khan Academy.

5. Government Adopting GPT-4 : The Government of Iceland is leveraging the multilingual feature of GPT-4. The majority of this country either speaks in English or a second language putting its native language at risk of extinction. OpenAI’s GPT language models are based on massive textual data. While the current model is well-versed in English, it has its limitations when it comes to smaller languages. At the same time, GPT-4 is gradually gaining momentum through constant improvisation. The work is still in progress. Here are some examples:-Prompt- Hvað heitir Donald Duck á íslensku? What is Donald Duck called in Icelandic?Result- Donald Duck heitir Andrés Önd á íslenskuDonald Duck is called Andrés Önd in Icelandic

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I access GPT-4 for free?

A1. To access GPT-4, you need to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. That comes with a paid subscription of $20/month. API developers can also access the same by joining the waitlist.

Q2. What are the limitations of GPT-4?

A2. According to OpenAI some of the challenges are Social Biases, Adversarial Prompts, and Hallucinations.

Q3. What is the difference between ChatGPT and GPT-4?

A3. The latest version is far more evolved compared to its older versions GPT-3 or GPT-3.5. It, not just comprehends and produces written texts, but above that, it has outgrown in terms of innovation and visual comprehension. It’s safer and is better at reasoning.  

Stay tuned to for more technical dives!

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