10 Metaverse Apps That Have Pioneered The VR Space

10 Metaverse Apps That Have Pioneered The VR Space

Ready to explore the virtual world? The virtual reality space is growing by leaps and bounds, with new apps and experiences constantly being released.Whether you want to watch movies in a completely new way, play games that put you in the action, or travel to far-off destinations - there’s something for everyone in the VR space. So dive in and explore our list of 10 pioneering VR metaverse apps!

What is the Metaverse?

In science fiction, the Metaverse is a shared virtual reality where users can interact with each other and digital objects. While the Metaverse is still a work of fiction, it will soon bridge the gap between the virtual and real worlds. Facebook’s metaverse (rebranded Meta) is a good example with its arsenal of connected digital worlds.

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This digital universe allows people to interact in a virtual reality environment. The Facebook Metaverse is still in development, but it is already possible to explore some of its features. For example, users can create avatars and explore virtual spaces. These spaces can be used to socialize, play games, conduct financial transactions or even work on projects together. The possibilities are endless for the gaming world, but also for social interaction, businesses, and society as a whole.

What Makes the Metaverse Unique?

Facebook’s metaverse will be a game-changer in the virtual reality world, and there’s no doubt about its uniqueness.For starters, it’s boundless – there’s no limit to what you can do or where you can go in this virtual space. It’s also decentralized, which means anyone can contribute to it and help shape its future. Plus, it’s always active, 24/7, so you can always find new VR games to play or digital worlds to explore. And, of course, it’s immersive – you can genuinely feel like you’re part of another world.

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But perhaps what makes the Facebook metaverse most unique is its social experiences. You can connect with friends and family worldwide, sharing your interests and experiences in a way that’s impossible in the real world. So if you’re looking for an unparalleled social experience, the Facebook metaverse is the place to be.You just need the right headset first:

Headsets to Access the Metaverse

Just as you wear glasses to see the physical world more clearly, headsets allow you to see the virtual land more clearly. By donning a headset, you will immerse yourself in a digital world where anything is possible, interacting with fellow users and playing metaverse games.With headsets, you can access the Metaverse world from anywhere. And, perhaps most importantly, you’ll have experiences that are indeed out of this world.But not all headsets are created equal, meaning you need the right one for you.

Oculus Quest 2: Best for Entry Level

The Oculus Quest 2 is one of the best headsets for beginners, standing out thanks to its minimalistic, comfortable design and low weight. That means you can explore VR without constantly being reminded where you actually are.The Oculus Quest 2 is also easy to set up, giving you access to an extensive library.

Oculus Quest 2


The price range ($299 with 128GB of storage or $399 with 256GB) is another advantage, making it accessible to most VR-curious. On the downside, a Facebook login is still required, and the battery life isn’t that impressive – only around three hours, according to most customer reviews.

HTC Vive Pro: Best for Roomscale Metaverse Games

The HTC Vive Pro boasts a high-resolution display and sleek design to offer a premium VR experience. However, the Vive Pro is significantly more expensive than other VR headsets.

HTC Vibe Pro


Still, its advantages include:

     - Complete gaming package

     - Ability to play the best metaverse games sitting, standing, or room-scale

     - 360ᵒ coverage

     - 600 titles

Valve Index: Most Comprehensive Headset

Valve Index also lies in the high price range, but it has an advanced screen technology and very accurate finger-tracking controllers. The motion tracking stations are also exact, and all that will give you an authentic experience with your VR metaverse games. And just like with HTC Vive Pro, you can access room-scale gaming.

Valve Index


However, Valve Index has some downsides:You need a top-notch computer to set it up, and it will take you considerably longer to do it than with the Oculus 2. Besides, the headset needs to be plugged into the work, requiring several other external accessories.

HP Reverb: Most Comfortable Headset

HP Reverb is in the middle price range, offering quality tracking, visuals, and sounds thanks to the four built-in cameras. Its unique selling points are top-notch adjustability and high compatibility across the industry. That means you get a realistic – and very comfortable – experience.

HP Reverb


On the downside, the app may require some troubleshooting/rebooting once in a while. Also, you must ensure your computer is compatible with the HP Reverb before buying the headset. Sending the product back entails a 15% restocking fee plus shipping expenses.

Pimax Vision: Closest to Human-Like Vision

Pimax Vision’s selling point is its ultra-wide 200° field of view, closely resembling human vision. The goal is to make your experience with this headset as immersive as possible regardless of the meta apps you’re using.Besides, the top-notch LCD panels minimize the screen door effect, rendering sharp images without turning your head. You’ll also be very impressed with the audio system delivering clear sounds – especially the bass.

Pimax Vision


There’s a problem:You need a top-notch computer that can support all that. Otherwise, running the headset at a lower resolution makes for a less immersive experience.

10 Metaverse Apps that Have Pioneered the VR Space

Now that you can choose the right VR headset, let’s see the metaverse games and apps you can immerse yourself into:

1. Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds turns you into a cartoon character, allowing you to create your environment. This Oculus app is appropriate for most ages, so you can play with your friends and family.

Horizon Worlds


You can customize your character too, though some people complain about the limited options. However, that’s missing the point. The game is recreating the atmosphere of those first few Facebook games you could play on the platform.Another downside is the sparsely populated universe in this metaverse game because it limits your exploring options. Still, playing with your friends would give you access to their worlds and realities, making the game more engaging (and insightful).

2. Horizon Venues

Horizon Venues is advertised as the “next level of events,” and that’s an accurate description. Imagine your best friend is going to a Broadway Show or the Premier League, and you can join them – with front-row seats. The metaverse platform also allows you to socialize and purchase merchandise.

Horizon Venues


However, Horizon Venues recently became part of Horizon Worlds, meaning some countries don’t have access to the game.

3. AltspaceVR

Altspace VR promises to empower artists and brands to customize meaningful experiences with their audience, thus increasing engagement. Therefore, Altspace VR’s selling point is the ability to foster a tight-knit community. Besides, the platform is Microsoft-made, so you can rely on its quality. It’s also free to play.

Altspace VR


The app gives you access to shared VR experiences through either public or private events. For example, you can learn a new language, try meditation, or play metaverse games with your friends. From that perspective, the world is your oyster with Altspace VR.On the downside, Altspace VR isn’t appropriate for official meetings or events, and the system becomes too slow past a certain number of participants.

4. Rec Room

If you’re looking for a way to procrastinate on that project due tomorrow or just want to blow off some steam with friends, consider playing a round of Rec Room.

Rec Room


On the plus side, Rec Room is one of the most varied meta apps out there, offering something for everyone. From bowling to paintball, there’s sure to be a game that interests you. And because Rec Room is social media-enabled, it’s easy to connect with friends (old and new) and join in on the fun.On the downside, some have criticized Rec Room for its lack of cool graphics, limited avatar customization, and loop music. Also, they say it’s best for kids.

5. VR Chat

Have you ever wanted to visit a virtual world where you can be anyone you want to be? Well, now there’s a VR game for that! VR Chat is a social platform that allows users to create and explore virtual worlds. You can customize your avatar, interact with other players, and create your own worlds.

VR Chat

SourceWhile VR Chat sounds like a perfect world for escapism, some downsides do exist.First, getting lost in the game and forgetting real-life responsibilities can be easy. Additionally, the game isn’t always safe – there have been reports of players being stalked and harassed.

6. The Sandbox

The Sandbox looks like Minecraft, but you have more customization options for your avatar, including the ability to display your gender & sexual orientation. As you build your LAND in the Sandbox metaverse, you gain new experiences and create your digital environment.Even better, it's one of the metaverse games that allow you to monetize your creations.

The Sandbox

SourceOn the downside, the game isn’t free. You need to buy LANDS and ASSETS using the $SAND utility token. You also need to buy Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to grow your level.That’s not all bad, though, considering it’s an excellent chance to invest your crypto.

7. Axie Infinity

Axie’s unique selling point is being partially owned and operated by players. The metaverse game uses blockchain technology to reward the most engaged players with AXS tokens that allow you to decide the outcome.Also, it looks like a unique mix between Hearthstone and Pokémon – who wouldn’t want to experience that?

Axie Infinity

SourceYour purpose is to build a collection of Axies – fierce and unique little creatures. Once your teams are ready, you can fight against your enemies, winning in-game treasures and real money prizes.Conversely, the initial investment in this blockchain-based game isn’t negligible either.

8. Uhive

UHive is one of the best metaverse games, with over 1,000,000 downloads and wallets created. The app currently has 2 billion tokens and 50 million posts. Marketed as “the future of the Internet,” UHive looks remarkably like “TikTok meets Instagram Reels.”So, the description is probably accurate.


SourceBesides, users can win real money off the platform, creating NFTs and trading virtual real estate. The problem is the app can quickly become addictive, especially because you can create various profiles and get rewards for engaging with others.UHive also promises to give users free speech, unlike other social media.However, users are able to only follow/see precisely what interests them. That means you’ll quickly become part of a bubble and still need to get your real news elsewhere.

9. Meta NFT Maker

If you liked MS Paint as a kid, you’ll love the Meta NFT Maker. This metaverse app allows you to create NFT art quickly and monetize your best works.You don’t even have to be an artist to sell well; you just need to let your imagination run wild.

Meta NFT Maker


Better yet, the app is free. You just have to deal with the usual bugs and be ready for in-app purchases.

10. MojiPop

MojiPop allows you to create unique cartoon stickers that represent you. That way, you can spice up your chats with various caricatures, emoticons, and, of course, your personalized avatar. And if you’re like everyone, you have plenty of photos of yourself that could make good memes.



Well, MojiPop now allows you to create customized animated GIF stickers using those pictures. You can even leverage MojiPop if you have a business to connect with your customers and make your brand more memorable. Integrating digital and physical worlds has been shown to drive revenue growth! On the downside, be prepared for plenty of pop-ups after installing the app on your phone!

Wrap Up

Virtual reality is still in its early days, but the potential for it to change how we interact with the digital world is limitless. These ten metaverse apps have paved the way for VR and shown us what’s possible. What will be the next app to take virtual reality mainstream and what does Facebook Metaverse next have in store? We’ll just have to wait, play the games, and see.

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