Virtual Try-On

Enable customers to virtually try on clothing and accessories, increasing online sales and reducing product returns.

Use Case
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The E-commerce industry, especially in the realm of fashion and accessories, grapples with challenges such as high product return rates, customer hesitancy in making online purchases, and the lack of a tactile shopping experience. These factors lead to reduced customer confidence, increased operational costs, and a potential decline in brand loyalty. The inability of customers to visualize how products would look and fit on them before purchase further exacerbates these issues, creating a pressing need for an innovative, technological intervention that offers a tangible, real-life fitting experience in a digital format.


In collaboration with our client in the E-commerce sector, we developed a bespoke Virtual Try-On solution, leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance the online shopping experience. This solution harnesses the power of advanced image processing and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable customers to virtually try on clothing and accessories with high accuracy and realism. The user interface is crafted to be user-friendly and engaging, allowing customers to upload their photos or use a webcam to instantly see how different products look on them. Our solution also includes features like size prediction, style recommendations, and color variations, making it a comprehensive tool for online retail. It’s designed to not only meet but exceed the specific needs of our client, thereby revolutionizing their approach to online retail and enhancing customer interaction.


     1. Dramatic decrease in return rates due to improved fit visualization and size matching.

     2. Enhanced customer engagement through an immersive and interactive try-on experience.

     3. Boosted sales figures owing to higher consumer confidence in product choices.

     4. Improved user experience leading to increased brand loyalty and customer retention.

     5. Streamlined operational processes, reducing costs associated with returns and exchanges.

Techstacks Used

Technologies and Tools
Machine Learning (ML): TensorFlow, PyTorch, OpenCV Computer Vision (CV): TensorFlow Object Detection API, OpenCV, scikit-image Deep Learning: TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras Infrastructure: AWS Cloud Services, Azure Security Tools, Google Cloud Platform, NVIDIA GPUs, Kubernetes, Docker Data Storage and Processing: Hadoop, Spark, Kafka User Interface Development: React, Angular Security and Monitoring: Splunk, Palo Alto Networks Camera and Imaging Technology: High-Resolution Camera Integration, Customized Sensor Solutions

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