Rehabilitation Therapy App

Track and analyze body movements, enabling personalized and precise exercises for individuals recovering from injuries or undergoing physical rehabilitation. This technology enhances therapeutic interventions by providing real-time feedback and optimizing rehabilitation plans based on the patient's movements.

Use Case
Pose Estimation

The healthcare sector, especially in the realm of rehabilitation therapy, faces substantial hurdles in accurately assessing and monitoring patients' physical movements. Traditional methods often fall short in precision, failing to provide tailored and adaptive treatment plans for individuals with diverse rehabilitation needs. This limitation can result in suboptimal recovery outcomes, prolonged therapy durations, and increased healthcare costs.


In collaboration with a leading healthcare client, we developed a sophisticated Rehabilitation Therapy Solution that integrates advanced Pose Estimation technology with Gesture Recognition. This hybrid approach allows for unparalleled accuracy in tracking and analyzing body movements, down to minute gestures and postures. Our solution comprises a user-friendly interface that engages both therapists and patients, offering insightful real-time feedback and adaptive exercise modules tailored to individual recovery trajectories. The Solution is designed not only to enhance therapeutic interventions but also to empower patients, fostering a sense of autonomy and motivation in their rehabilitation journey. Additionally, our solution includes privacy-respecting features, ensuring that all patient data is securely handled and compliant with healthcare regulations.


Our solution has led to transformative outcomes in rehabilitation therapy:

       1. Precision in Movement Analysis: Enhanced accuracy in tracking complex body movements, thanks to Pose Estimation technology.

       2. Personalized Rehabilitation Regimens: Adaptive exercises developed based on individual patient's progress and needs.

       3. Increased Patient Engagement and Satisfaction: Interactive and intuitive design leading to higher patient motivation and adherence to therapy plans.

       4. Reduced Recovery Times: More efficient and effective therapy sessions, leading to quicker patient recovery.

       5. Data-Driven Insights for Therapists: Empowering therapists with detailed data to make informed decisions about treatment plans.

Techstacks Used

Technologies and Tools
Computer Vision: Python, PyTorch, OpenCV Machine Learning: TensorFlow, Keras, Scikit-Learn User Experience Design: Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma Cloud Computing: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform Mobile Application Development: React Native, Flutter, Xamarin Data Analytics: Tableau, Power BI, Apache Spark Security & Compliance: OAuth 2.0, HIPAA Compliance Frameworks, SSL/TLS Encryption Backend Development: Node.js, Django, Ruby on Rails Database Management: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase

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