Property Documents Scanner and Indexer

Verify property documents by swiftly recognizing handwritten signatures from the physical documents & convert them into searchable, digitally indexed files, enhancing efficiency, security and accessibility.

Use Case
Real Estate

In the real estate industry, managing property-related documents is a complex task, especially when dealing with handwritten texts like signatures and annotations. These documents are essential for legal and transactional purposes but pose significant challenges in terms of storage, security, accessibility, and compliance. The reliance on physical paperwork often leads to inefficiencies, increased risk of data loss or damage, and difficulties in quick information retrieval. A modern, digital solution is needed to overcome these obstacles and streamline document handling processes.


Our team developed a bespoke solution for a real estate client facing challenges with manual document handling. This solution is centred around Data Capture and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, specifically tailored to recognize and digitise handwritten text in property documents. Key features include:

  1. Advanced Data Capture & OCR: Utilising state-of-the-art OCR technology to accurately capture and convert handwritten text from physical documents into digital formats. This includes intricate handwriting styles and signatures, ensuring minimal errors in transcription.
  2. Digital Indexing and Storage: Creating a searchable, digital repository for all scanned documents. This allows for easy organisation and retrieval, significantly reducing the time spent on manual searches.
  3. Enhanced Security Protocols: Implementing rigorous data security measures to safeguard sensitive information during and after the digitization process.
  4. Custom User Interface: A bespoke, intuitive interface designed to simplify the scanning and indexing process, making it accessible to all users, regardless of their technical expertise.
  5. Tailored Solutions: Adapting our technology to align with the client's existing document management systems, ensuring seamless integration and minimal disruption to their operations.

By incorporating Data Capture and OCR technology, we helped our client transition from a paper-based system to a digital one, enhancing efficiency, security, and accessibility of their property documents.


The deployment of EstateScript yielded transformative results for our client, evidenced by:

  1. Streamlined Document Processing: The automation of data capture significantly reduced manual document handling, saving time and resources.
  2. Improved Document Accessibility: The ability to quickly search and retrieve digital documents streamlined various operational processes, enhancing overall productivity.
  3. Enhanced Data Security: Our solution provided robust security features, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorised access to sensitive information.

Compliance and Audit Readiness: Digital storage and indexing facilitated easier compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, with enhanced capabilities for audit trails and document tracking.

Techstacks Used

Technologies and Tools
OCR Technology: Advanced Optical Character Recognition software. AI and ML Algorithms: Python with PyTorch framework. Data Capture Technology: Specialised data capture systems. Cloud Storage: Scalable cloud-based storage solutions. Document Management System (DMS): Comprehensive document management software. UI Design: Intuitive application development tools. Data Security: Robust encryption and cybersecurity technologies.

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