In-Store Virtual Try-On App

Accurately map and analyze the user's body movements, enabling a dynamic and realistic simulation of how clothing or accessories would fit and look on the individual in real-time. This innovative technology enhances the online shopping experience by providing users with an interactive and personalized preview of fashion items before making a purchase.

Use Case
Pose Estimation
Retail & E-commerce

In today's Retail & E-commerce landscape, businesses grapple with the complexities of online shopping, notably the inability to replicate the tactile, personalized experience of in-store try-ons. This gap often leads to high return rates and customer dissatisfaction due to misjudgments in size and fit. Additionally, the lack of interactive and engaging online shopping experiences hampers customer engagement and loyalty. Addressing these challenges requires a forward-thinking, technologically advanced solution that not only simulates the in-store experience but also adds value to the online shopping journey.


Our collaboration with a forefront retail brand led to the development of an innovative Virtual Try-On solution, integrating Body Segmentation and Pose Estimation technologies. This advanced solution offers a nuanced, interactive simulation of clothing and accessories on the user. It incorporates real-time analysis of body dimensions and posture, accurately reflecting how different fabrics and styles adapt to various body movements. Our user-friendly interface invites customers to engage in a virtual fitting room experience, complete with personalized style recommendations and size predictions. This custom-tailored solution is deeply integrated into the client's online platform, offering a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience that mirrors the comfort and assurance of in-store shopping.


Dramatic Increase in Customer Confidence: Enhanced accuracy in size and fit leads to more confident purchase decisions.

Substantial Reduction in Product Returns: Customers receive a realistic preview of the fit, significantly decreasing the likelihood of returns due to size issues.

Boost in Customer Engagement and Retention: The interactive try-on experience increases time spent on the site and fosters brand loyalty.

Operational Cost Savings: Reduced returns and exchanges lead to considerable cost savings in logistics and inventory management.

Valuable Customer Insights: Analysis of interaction data offers deep insights into customer preferences and trends, aiding in strategic decision-making.

Techstacks Used

Technologies and Tools
Computer Vision: Python, PyTorch, OpenCV 3D Modeling and Rendering: Blender, Autodesk Maya, Unity 3D Pose Estimation Algorithms: TensorFlow, Keras, DeepPose Machine Learning & AI: TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, Keras Web Development & Integration: React.js, Angular, Node.js Cloud Computing & Services: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure Data Analytics & Processing: Apache Spark, Hadoop, Tableau User Interface Design: Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma Database Management: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL Security & Compliance: OAuth 2.0, JWT, HTTPS Version Control & Collaboration: Git, GitHub, Bitbucket

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