Customer Behavior Tracking Software

Tracks gestures and postures, offering retailers valuable data on customer engagement, product interest, shoplifting and overall shopping patterns for enhanced in-store experiences.

Use Case
Pose Estimation
Retail & E-commerce

The Retail & E-commerce industry is increasingly competitive, requiring a deep understanding of customer behaviors and preferences. Retailers face significant challenges in capturing and analyzing customer interactions within stores, managing inventory effectively, and preventing losses due to shoplifting. Traditional methods of customer behavior analysis are often limited, lacking the ability to provide real-time, actionable insights. There's a pressing need for a solution that not only tracks customer movements but also interprets their behaviors to enable proactive decision-making.


In response to these challenges, our team developed an innovative Customer Behavior Tracking Solution, incorporating cutting-edge Body Segmentation and Pose Estimation technologies. This solution is tailor-made for the dynamic needs of the Retail & E-commerce sector. It provides an unprecedented level of insight into customer behavior by tracking and analyzing body movements, gestures, and interactions with products. Our solution includes an intuitive and interactive user interface that offers real-time analytics, heat maps of customer movement, and behavioral predictions. By customizing the solution to integrate seamlessly with the client's existing retail management systems, we ensured a holistic approach to enhancing the in-store customer experience. Our collaborative development process ensured that every feature of the solution was aligned with the client's specific objectives and operational requirements.


Dramatic improvement in the accuracy of customer behavior analysis, leading to more effective product placement and inventory management.

Enhanced customer experience through personalized recommendations and optimized store layouts.

Significant reduction in shoplifting incidents, attributed to the real-time monitoring of customer movements and predictive behavior analysis.

Increased overall store efficiency and profitability through data-driven decision-making.

Techstacks Used

Technologies and Tools
Computer Vision: Python, PyTorch, OpenCV Pose Estimation Algorithms: OpenPose, TensorFlow, MediaPipe Real-Time Analytics & Processing: Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Streamlit AI & Machine Learning: Scikit-learn, Keras, TensorFlow Data Visualization & Dashboard: Tableau, D3.js, Grafana 3D Cameras & Sensors: Intel RealSense, Kinect, LiDAR sensors Cloud Computing & Storage: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure API Development & Integration: Node.js, Express.js, RESTful APIs Security & Surveillance Integration: RFID technology, Z-Wave, IoT security solutions Database Management & Big Data: MongoDB, SQL Server, Hadoop User Interface Design: React, Angular, Vue.js Sensor Data Processing: ROS (Robot Operating System), Nvidia DeepStream

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