AI Face Recognition Search for Access Control and Security

AI Facial Recognition Search detects and locate human faces within a digital image or video stream. The database contains authorized personnel, employees, visitors, or any individuals who are granted or denied access.

Use Case
Facial Recognition

The Security & Surveillance industry faces the complex challenge of upholding robust security measures while facilitating smooth access control. Traditional security approaches often fall short in efficiently distinguishing between authorised and unauthorised individuals, leading to potential security breaches or operational delays. The industry is in dire need of a sophisticated solution that not only ensures stringent security but also adapts to the ever-evolving landscape of threats and maintains operational fluidity.


To address the unique challenges in the Surveillance industry, we have meticulously developed a sophisticated AI Facial Recognition Search solution, primarily focused on efficient Access Control. This innovative system is engineered for seamless integration with various operational infrastructures, enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness. It features advanced capabilities like real-time facial detection and a comprehensive database for individual recognition. The intelligent algorithm is capable of evolving and improving over time, ensuring high accuracy in person identification. This bespoke creation is tailored to meet the specific access control needs of our client's organisation, offering a streamlined and user-friendly approach to managing the entry and movement of individuals.


The implementation of our AI Facial Recognition solution has brought about transformative changes in the security and operational dynamics of our client’s organisation, evidenced by:

  1. A remarkable increase in the accuracy of person identification, significantly minimising instances of false identifications and security breaches.
  2. A substantial enhancement in the user experience, characterised by swift and non-intrusive access control for authorised individuals, thereby reducing wait times and increasing overall satisfaction.
  3. A notable streamlining of security operations, leading to more efficient surveillance, quicker decision-making, and more responsive action in the face of potential threats.

Techstacks Used

Technologies and Tools
Machine Learning (ML): Custom AI Algorithms, Advanced Machine Learning Techniques. Computer Vision (CV): Proprietary Facial Recognition Software, Enhanced Image Processing Libraries. Deep Learning: Neural Network Frameworks, Adaptive Learning Models. Infrastructure: Cloud Services, GPUs, Kubernetes, Docker. Data Storage and Processing: Hadoop, Spark, Big Data Tools. User Interface Development: React, Angular. Security and Monitoring: Encryption Tools, Cybersecurity Audits. Camera and Imaging Technology: High-Resolution Cameras, Edge Computing Solutions.

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