Web3 in 2023: A Reality or A Fad? Expert View | Webinar Insights

Web3 in 2023: A Reality or A Fad? Expert View | Webinar Insights

Welcome to the Rapid Innovation Webinar Episode 1 Reflection.

We are all about innovation, the latest trends, and technology insights directly or indirectly impacting humanity. When you hear about blockchain, crypto, etc. What is your first thought? What is Web3? Is decentralization a phase, or will it stay? Do you wonder if this is a fad and will die one day? What if we told you, “It’s no more the kind of stuff you read in books, we are going to live in a world like this. It is not an idea anymore. It is not a “maybe” anymore. We are going to live in this world.” The current may not be Sci-Fi imagination but the very reality itself.

In our first episode, we have on board with us our CEO Jesse, who shares decades of experience in Web 3 technology. He gave us his view on how Web3 will create waves in the coming times, in terms of decentralization, increasing the number of AI/ML applications, the impact of ChatGPT, and whatnot. He also touched upon how and why you need to become part of this paradigm shift, otherwise, you may miss out on a great chunk of job opportunities and growth in the future. Jesse also briefly expressed how in his childhood, he could not fit in with the traditional education system, and how this technology changes things for future children. Let’s explore this conversation in more depth.

How is Web3 Shaping the 21st Century?

Web1 was the ability to read information on the global network. Web2 evolved the technology to the next level by incorporating the ability to read and write. Jesse suggests not to conclude anything about Web3 right away as it is still building. He, therefore, simplified Web3 for us as the combination of the following technologies: Blockchain Technology, AR/VR, IOT, AI/ML and Distributed Ledger Technology . However, right now it cannot be defined definitively. Moving further, our tech expert and host Luke, asked one of the most common questions which is leaving many anxious, “How would AI impact the jobs?” Some people are fearing that automation may replace them. To this, Jesse expressed, ”These kinds of technologies like, they augment our lives for the better.

Generally speaking, they reduce the part of humanity that is unpleasant right?” (What do you think). Let us know in the comments!)Jesse offers an optimistic perspective that the world is now moving towards doing more valuable things which are dear to their consciousness while the machine take over the monotonous job. Also, there will be rapid shifts in the way we function now. And by 2030, it is expected that there will be a significant development in Web3. AI/ML, AR/VR, etc., will sneak into our daily lives. It’s not a matter of tomorrow, but the paradigm shift has already started today.

The new-age “ChatGPTs” are at an infancy stage, and with advanced developments for tomorrow, they will become finer and finer. Today, AI/ML is also transforming the healthcare system across the globe. So surely, the shift is not far anymore.While many are dreading and resisting, many are embracing the idea of Web3-related technologies. It’s not that it is evil, it’s about how one can prepare themselves and adapt to the change. We understand there may be doubts and concerns about how to cope with this shift. People are fearing the loss of jobs too.

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