Rapid Innovation Welcomes Exo Fi as New Development Client

Rapid Innovation Welcomes Exo Fi as New Development Client

Rapid Innovation is proud to announce our newest development client, Exo Fi. Exo Fi is a new cross-chain swap infrastructure platform that makes it easier for people to trade cryptocurrencies. It also gives people more control over their investments and projects. We’re excited to work with Exo Fi and help them build the future of De-Fi!The $EXO token is the key to unlocking all the exo.fi platform features. Holders of the $EXO token are also shareholders, which means they earn a share of profits from every utility on the platform and have voting rights on community governance issues. The $EXO token’s price floor will continue to increase over time as more and more people start using it. This is because the token is linked to unique features that make it appreciate in value. Additionally, revenue from fees collected will help support the growth of the $EXO ecosystem.


EXO FI decided to be one of them - together with Rapid Innovation.

Rapid Innovation has over 250 developers and designers who have written together over 15 million lines of code. Our expertise extends over several areas in Blockchain app development, and DeFi, including:

- MVP Development

- Prototyping

- Smart Contracts

- App Upgrades

- Blockchain Consulting

- Software Consulting

Our company commits to helping Exo Fi build fantastic, user-friendly products, from concept to launch and upgrade. Rapid Innovation believes in Exo Fi’s mission of developing and improving the $EXO token. This token gives users access to many features on exoSwap, exoStart, and exoTools. Its four tiers of governance allow more access to these features progressively.


The fundamental goal of the exo.fi project is to create a decentralized exchange that will allow cryptocurrency developers to have greater control over how their tokens are traded. Previously, coding custom trading fees into a token’s smart contract was necessary. But now, developers can set personalized prices directly on the swap platform. This system allows them to allocate the costs for different purposes, such as liquidity, lotteries, staking, burns, dev wallet, etc. This project will allow small companies to earn enough to support themselves in the early days. Selling their tokens doesn’t affect the price. Using anti-dump mechanisms allows Exo Fi users to control whales’ price manipulations. Besides, this feature enables them to create LP farms and staking pools, using tokens, personal funds or both.


exoLock is Exo Fi’s cutting-edge NFT-based flexible token locking solution. exoLock allows you to lock tokens for a specific length of time, much as other token locking services do. The difference is that an NFT represents these locked funds. As a result, transfer between users is seamless and much faster. ExoLock’s unique selling proposition is locking liquidity. Using this distinguishing feature, project developers will access part of their locked liquidity for specific purposes. This can be done with the community’s help or by meeting specific liquidity requirements. Rapid Innovation appreciates that ExoLock allows the community to use the token’s trading liquidity. Our companies are like-minded in our endeavor to help our customers scale their projects.


exoStart is another feature that assists and empowers new developers. This launchpad and incubator service boasts plenty of usabilities that enable teams to hold presales and launches. For example, customers can benefit from pre-audited tokens that make entry easier. A part of the launchpad fees will then be transferred into the incubator fund. The user projects have continual access to several incubation packages, such as funding and promotion. Developers will gain entry to these services after governance voting from the $EXO community. Besides, launching allows dev teams to enable specific trading fees and anti-dump mechanisms. Rapid Innovation values this slew of user-oriented features that genuinely helps small, new companies to thrive.


exoTools refers to a concentration of products that increase project developers’ functionality and efficiency. exoTools also facilitates more engagement from the cryptocurrency community.exoToolsBot is the platform’s flagship. This tool allows users a variety of chars, prices, and information. However, the distinguishing feature is walletLink. This wallet-to-ID mapping service allows users to connect several wallets with their Telegram IDs. Companies can hold giveaways using this service in combination with the lottery feature from exoSwap. Users also have features such as Tipping, Price alerts & Balance monitoring.

As always, community governance features are included for several actions, such as personalizing trading fees on the DEX.exo Connect is another feature worth mentioning seeing that it helps DeFi startups connect to exoSwap directly. Therefore, these companies have a personalized platform that they can use with exoSwap liquidity.This feature empowers companies by eliminating otherwise pricey and time-consuming forks. As such, young startups become partners, not foes.Rapid Innovation values this community-oriented philosophy that helps partner companies grow together.


This decentralized marketplace for marketers, influencers, and developers helps connect the community further. Users are entirely protected thanks to the escrow service based on oracle data. Besides, the rating system facilitates accurate feedback between collaborators. Rapid Innovation and Exo Fi are united in empowering new startups. Our companies believe in decentralization, community ties, and online user safety.

Rapid Innovation is excited to welcome Exo Fi as our new development client!

Our companies share the same vision of empowering new startups and supporting community-oriented projects. We’re thrilled that this partnership will not only help both companies grow, but will result in something beneficial for all who choose to utilize it. Rapid Innovation commits to supporting Exo Fi from the first stages of their projects. We will support our new partnership with extensive knowledge and experience, from the planning and design phases to app architecture, code building and testing. We will also be there to ensure smooth launches and continual upgrades. We are confident that this relationship will be prosperous for both Rapid Innovation and Exo Fi.

Thank you for choosing us! Stay tuned for updates and the launch coming soon!

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