How to Hire Top Blockchain App Developers For Your Project

How to Hire Top Blockchain App Developers For Your Project

Wondering what to look for when hiring a blockchain app development company? Well, if you’re considering building a blockchain application, it’s best to hire a company with the right skills and experience to take your idea to MVP without making things more complicated than they need to be. However, hiring a blockchain app development company can be challenging because there are not so many skilled teams. If you want your project or app to capture the essence of your idea, you need to put effort into selecting the right company. So before you make a quick decision on what blockchain app development company to go with, you must consider these factors carefully.

Experienced Tech Team

Your app’s quality, interface, and usability all depend on the skills of the blockchain app development company you select. The truth is many inexperienced developers and companies are masquerading as great blockchain app developers, so you must vet your options carefully. Check the company’s website for information on their team and projects. Then, examine them to find out if they know about building blockchain applications. Find out what programming languages they use.

Blockchain code is written in various languages, including JavaScript, Solidity, Go, C++, and Rust. Some companies display their stack on their website. Blockchain app development differs from software development. While the company should have software development skills, they should also understand cryptography, security, data structures in blockchain, and blockchain concepts. Conversations with the company and their online presence will prove that.

Beautiful Portfolio

A blockchain development company with experience developing projects that carry the scale of what you want to develop is best. If they had only worked on private projects in the past, they might not be able to work on complex commercial projects. The development of successful applications, programs, and smart contracts will prove their experience. Check their portfolio. Don’t only read about projects on the company’s website; go to the software they built and use it. Compare what they write about the project with what is on the actual software. That will give you an idea of what to expect.

Honest Testimonials

Before choosing any blockchain app development company, make sure to read their reviews and testimonials. Check for honest ones because there are many fakes on the internet. Research the company/person that gave the testimonial to ensure they are real people with real projects. You can do that by searching the reviewer’s name or company on Google.

Strong Online Presence

A strong online presence can help you recognize a credible company. It goes further than having a beautiful website. So, check for knowledge proof in articles they write on their website or microblogging sites like Medium, reviews on third-party sites, and social media.

Clearly Defined Process

A clearly defined process helps you know what to expect from the start. This also helps you find out if your app will be sufficiently tested before deployment. You can ask your prospects for their process if it isn’t clearly defined on their website, although it should be. Also, when a company has a clearly defined process, even when they hire new hands in the course of the project, the development goes as planned because everyone follows the laid down process.

Easy to Contact and Responsive

If it’s a pain to contact or discuss with a company, that company is not the right one. Your app development company should be a phone call away. Where there is no phone number, there should be an email with a fast response time. If their response time to emails is slow or they don’t answer calls, look elsewhere. Also, the right company would be professional and responsive. If they take forever to respond, are rude, or can’t answer key questions, they are not the right choice.

Asks Thoughtful Questions

One way to recognize a competent blockchain app company is by looking at or listening to the questions they ask before you contract them. The right company will seek to understand what you want to achieve. You can recognize that in the questions they ask. They should ask in-depth questions about your goals and the problems you seek to solve rather than only focusing on your budget. Also, they should try to educate you on their processes and what you should expect rather than focusing only on making a sale. A company that seeks to understand what you want to achieve will be willing to help you achieve that goal. A good development company will ask thoughtful questions to explore your idea and figure out what you want.

Realistic Timeline and Price

A realistic timeline differs by the project. Keep in mind that you will have to wait to get the right value for your money, so do not go for a company that promises a very short time; if a company promises to develop a complex project in two weeks, they are not likely to fulfill their promise. When they suggest a reasonable duration, it’s safe to assume that they have enough blockchain developers to deliver your application in said time. When it comes to price, don’t select the cheapest contract offer.; If the price seems too good to be true, it’s probably not legitimate. On the other hand,  if a quote you receive is significantly more expensive than the range every other company provides, it’s not necessarily the best choice either. In some cases, it could be that they are the only truly experienced company on your list, while in others, it’s just them trying to get a year’s worth of money from their only prospect (you).

Code Ownership

After your MVP has been built, it helps to keep working with the same company if the process went well but you might want to hire an in-house development team to continue managing the app, which is why code ownership is very important. Some blockchain app development companies tie their clients to them by ensuring they can never access the code. This will be a problem if you eventually choose to have an in-house development team. So, you need to find out before you sign off any contract if you own the code. To sum up, hiring a blockchain app development company requires careful consideration of several factors.

- Experience of the tech team

- Portfolio of the company,

- Reviews from other clients,

- Online presence,

- Process of development,

- Ease of communication,

- Asking of thoughtful questions, the

- Realistic timeline and price, and

- Code ownership

The above list while not comprehensive does contain essential factors we recommend taking into account. Choosing the right company with the appropriate skill set and experience is crucial for the successful development of your blockchain application. By doing proper research and evaluation, you can ensure that you choose the right team that can help you turn your idea into a successful product.

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