Oasis: The Altcoin Powering the Future of AI and Trading

Artificial intelligence and trading are evolving fast, and one altcoin you should definitely keep an eye on is Oasis. This innovative layer-one blockchain network has a sharp focus on confidentiality and privacy, crucial elements for Web 3 and AI. Despite flying under many investors' radars, Oasis is already being adopted by industry giants like Meta and Equifax.

Why Oasis Stands Out

Oasis is not your average blockchain. A strong emphasis on "smart privacy" is what sets it apart. Led by Dawn Song, a professor at UC Berkeley and a recognized expert in computer security, the Oasis team is packed with talent. Oasis provides a privacy layer for Web 3 and AI, allowing developers to add smart privacy to decentralized applications on any Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chain.

Introducing Sapphire

Oasis recently launched Sapphire, the first and only confidential EVM. It empowers Web 3 and AI with smart privacy that evolves with developers, users, and brands. In today's blockchain landscape, where most data is public, Oasis offers a solution that addresses the need for confidentiality. This is particularly essential for companies like Meta, which must protect proprietary information.

How Meta and Equifax Are Using Oasis

Meta has partnered with Oasis to integrate AI while maintaining user privacy. Oasis helps Meta assess and improve their AI models for fairness, protecting sensitive user information through advanced cryptographic technologies.

Equifax is also leveraging Oasis to power on-chain KYC solutions for the Web 3 economy. By partnering with Oasis, Equifax aims to build decentralized identity management systems without compromising customer data.

The Role of the ROSE Token

Oasis’s native token, ROSE, is seeing significant institutional interest, with heavy accumulation from major players. Grayscale is even considering including ROSE in its new data privacy-focused ETF. This could be a massive boon for Oasis if approved by the SEC, opening the doors to a new wave of investment.

The Future of Privacy in Blockchain

Oasis’s modular architecture separates consensus from execution, allowing for greater scalability. This pioneering design is now influencing other major blockchains like Ethereum 2.0 and Polkadot. Oasis’s privacy features make it a trailblazer, enabling 100% private, 100% public, or hybrid data management.

Oasis Protocol Ecosystem

One of the standout projects in the Oasis ecosystem is Aluminex, a confidential cross-chain swap and bridge. Think of it as the Uniswap of Oasis, offering privacy-focused token swaps and bridging services. Aluminex also plans to offer private native Bitcoin swaps and storage soon, addressing the long-standing demand for Bitcoin privacy.


Oasis is setting new standards in blockchain confidentiality and privacy. With major partnerships, innovative solutions like Sapphire, and growing institutional interest, Oasis is poised to be a significant player in the realms of artificial intelligence and trading. Keep an eye on this altcoin as it continues to pave the way for a more private and efficient blockchain future.

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